Fiodio V3L6W 35 Inches monitor specifications

Fiodio V3L6W 35 Inches monitor specifications
Fiodio V3L6W 35 Inches monitor specifications

The Fiodio 35” Ultra Wide QHD 21:9 Gaming Monitor is perfect for gaming and entertainment. It has an ultra wide QHD resolution of 3440*1440P and a refresh rate of 120Hz. It also has a Picture in Picture feature, 2xHDMI 2xDisplay Ports, and a R1800 price.

Fiodio V3L6W 35 Inches monitor specifications:

Brand Fiodio
Model V3L6W
Price 340. dollars
Series V3L6W-R
Screen Size 35 Inches
Product Dimensions 36 x 7.9 x 18.9 inches
Max Screen Resolution 3440 x 1440 Pixels
Display Resolution Maximum 3440 x 1440 Pixels
Item Weight 21.7 pounds
Color Black
Refresh Rate 120 Hz
Country of Origin China
Special Feature Adaptive Sync, Blue Light Filter, Ultrawide Screen, Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free, Curved
Best Sellers Rank #30,713 in Our Brands (See Top 100 in Our Brands) #1,256 in Computer Monitor Stands #2,384 in Computer Monitors
Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars 42 ratings.

Some question & answer about Fiodio V3L6W 35 Inches monitor

Question: For the Fiodio V3L6W, What is the actual refresh rate when using hdmi?

Answer: 120Hz

Question: For the Fiodio V3L6W, I bought the 180Hz monitor and can only get up to 144 Hz. Is there a solution to this?

Answer: Can you confirm that your graphics card supports 180Hz? If so, it’s likely that it will work with our monitor. Some higher-end graphics cards support up to 180Hz, so it may be worth looking into.

Question: In relation to the Fiodio V3L6W, Is there a warranty?

Answer: Looking for an audio player that doesn’t have built-in speakers? You’re in luck! Our player has an aux input so you can plug in any headphones you have.

Question: In relation to the Fiodio V3L6W, I am using a gtx 1080 and have tried with both dp cable and hdmi cable and only am getting 60hz, at least thats what it says in the monitor menu, why?

Answer: I was disappointed that my box did not include any wipes.

Question: For the Fiodio V3L6W, Does the kit include wipes for wiping surfaces?

Answer: no

Question: Regarding Fiodio V3L6W, any way i can tak with someone real fast i wanted the 180 hrz not the 120 any way you can change my order ?

Answer: This projector works but it doesn’t output at 1440p, so you only get 1080p. It doesn’t also output at ultrawide, so you only get regular widescreen and black bars.

Question: For the Fiodio V3L6W, Will this be ideal with a PS5? Is it compatible?

Answer: Neither Amazon nor Fiodio appear to provide a kit directly. Based on my digging, it looks like Sceptre uses the same mount system and provides a VESA mount adapter. The sceptre part is called “C355W-3440UN VESA Mount”.

Question: Concerning the Fiodio V3L6W, Can the 35” 2022 version be vesa mounted?

Answer: Yes, it works well with that.


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