ASUS VG328H1B 31.5 Inches monitor specifications

ASUS VG328H1B 31.5 Inches monitor specifications
ASUS VG328H1B 31.5 Inches monitor specifications

This ASUS TUF Gaming 32″ 1080P Curved Monitor features a Full HD resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate. It also features 1ms response time, Extreme Low Motion Blur technology, and a Tilt adjustable screen.

ASUS VG328H1B 31.5 Inches monitor specifications:

Brand ASUS
Model VG328H1B
Price 259. dollars
Series TUF Gaming
Screen Size 31.5 Inches
Product Dimensions 19.97 x 27.94 x 8.42 inches
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Item Weight 15.48 pounds
Refresh Rate 165 Hz
Country of Origin China
Special Feature Curved Screen, Blue Light Filter, EYE CARE, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers
Best Sellers Rank #4,104 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #141 in Computer Monitors
Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 7,703 ratings.

Some question & answer about ASUS VG328H1B 31.5 Inches monitor

Question: In relation to the ASUS VG328H1B, is it good?

Answer: I have two of these connected to one laptop and am contemplating a third one.

Question: Concerning the ASUS VG328H1B, Will this monitor support 120fps over hdmi for the upcoming xbox series x or ps5?

Answer: On the monitor under the gaming settings, turn on AMD Freesync Pro. Under the Xbox, turn off the Allow 4k option. You will get 1440p @120hz and keep the input lag low.

Question: Concerning the ASUS VG328H1B, Does this come with a display port cable?

Answer: My monitor came with an HDMI cable and a Display Port cable.

Question: Regarding ASUS VG328H1B, Can someone verify whether this asus tuf gaming vg27wq1b can run 1440p 144hz hdr10 on xbox series x

Answer: Xbox doesn’t support 1080 or 1440p with HDR. Only 4k HDR is supported.

Question: For ASUS VG328H1B, G sync compatible

Answer: Yes it is.

Question: For ASUS VG328H1B, What is the frame rate range?

Answer: I’m getting around 135fps on Warzone with the 165hz monitor. Give or take a few frames.

Question: For ASUS VG328H1B, Can you run 1440p and 144Hz on the Xbox series x?

Answer: The Xbox only runs at 120Hz, but I had no problems.

Question: Concerning the ASUS VG328H1B, Is the power adapter for both 110/220 voltage?

Answer: You will need to purchase an adapter to bring the voltage down to 110 or 120 volts. The TV will not operate on 220 volts straight.

Question: For ASUS VG328H1B, Is this compatible with 220 v ?

Answer: My computer has a power plan/scheme/mode that allows me to close the lid. More information would be needed to troubleshoot my problem.

Question: Concerning the ASUS VG328H1B, I am located in colombia, in case i need the warranty i would need to send the monitor back to eeuu or asus colombia would handle the warranty? thanks

Answer: This PC includes a display port cable.

Question: For ASUS VG328H1B, I close the lid on my asus laptop and the monitor goes blank. in power settings i have “close the lid action” at “do nothing” help…….?

Answer: The bezels on the LG G7 ThinQ are thin but they are not frameless.

Question: Regarding ASUS VG328H1B, Can anyone recommend a tower to support this? i just wanna play sims 😂. all my other games are on my ps4

Answer: If you lower your monitor fully onto the base, it is 17.5 inches tall.

Question: For ASUS VG328H1B, Incluye cable display port o hdmi?

Answer: Physicists say that the stock image of the monitor falling would cause the legs to wobble.

Question: Regarding ASUS VG328H1B, Do you guys recommend this for a PS5?

Answer: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gaming option, the Xbox One S or PlayStation 4 Slim are both great choices. They both offer a good range of features and games, and you can often find them for a lower price than the more expensive alternatives.

Question: For the ASUS VG328H1B, Does this have the red dot in the center feature and the sniper feature??

Answer: Choose from four types of dots to create your masterpiece.

Question: Regarding ASUS VG328H1B, How many hdmi ports does it have?

Answer: This monitor has three ports: one Display Port, two HDMI ports, and one headphone port.

Question: In relation to the ASUS VG328H1B, what kind of panel is this? (ips,tn,va)

Answer: The monitor comes with a stand for desk use, but if you want to use it wall mounted, you can.

Question: For the ASUS VG328H1B, Wall mount? Does that mean no stand is packaged if I want to use it on a desk?

Answer: I have a Vesa mount attached to my monitor.

Question: Regarding ASUS VG328H1B, Vg27wq1b 27” ips or va???

Answer: At 2k resolution, HDMI 2.0 can support a 120hz refresh rate on the Xbox series X. Not sure if the PS5 supports 2k. 4k requires HDMI 2.1.

Question: For the ASUS VG328H1B, vesa desktop mount?

Answer: I’m guessing a setting on your PlayStation 5. My monitor doesn’t auto-dim after 30 minutes. I am on a PC.


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