AOC U34P2 34 Inches monitor specifications

AOC U34P2 34 Inches monitor specifications
AOC U34P2 34 Inches monitor specifications

The AOC U34P2 is a professional grade monitor that features a 21:9 widescreen resolution and a 105% AdobeRGB color gamut. It is perfect for graphics design and is height adjustable for comfortable use.

AOC U34P2 34 Inches monitor specifications:

Brand AOC
Model U34P2
Price 379. dollars
Series AOC P2 Series Monitor
Screen Size 34 Inches
Product Dimensions 10.83 x 32.18 x 24.09 inches
Max Screen Resolution 3440 x 1440 Pixels
Display Resolution Maximum 3440 x 1440 Pixels
Item Weight 26.3 pounds
Color Black
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Country of Origin China
Special Feature Height Adjustment, Adaptive Sync, Blue Light Filter, Frameless, Flicker-Free
Best Sellers Rank #451,125 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #6,815 in Computer Monitors
Customer Reviews nan

Some question & answer about AOC U34P2 34 Inches monitor

Question: In relation to the AOC U34P2, I plugged this into my laptop, and it is only displaying 30 hrtz. using hdmi. anyone have the same issue?

Answer: I was having the same issue. Turns out, the HDMI port on my monitor doesn’t support 60Hz. I solved the problem by switching to the HDMI port on my computer.

Question: Regarding AOC U34P2, Why don’t you seperate q&a for each model? amazon qa is a mess.

Answer: I don’t know what this is, but I bought it as a gift.

Question: For AOC U34P2, Is the cu32v3 32″ super-curved 4k uhd height-adjustable?

Answer: I just got my new fitness monitor and it’s not adjustable! It’s also not very good because the height isn’t adjustable and the curve is too loose. I don’t think I’ll be able to use it because it’s not high enough and there’s not enough of a curve.

Question: For the AOC U34P2, does it work for 120 volt AC? Specs say 240

Answer: I’m running my miner on a 120 volt outlet.

Question: Regarding AOC U34P2, Does it work with vivo mounts

Answer: Yes, I was able to use my Ergotron LX desk mount monitor arm to hold my monitor without any issues.

Question: Regarding AOC U34P2, How do you remove the neck?? cant use the vesa mount holes with it on…

Answer: There is a plastic cover located underneath the arm that you must remove by prying it up from the bottom. There are 4 screws located at the base of the cover, after it is removed, you can then remove the arm and replace the plastic cover. Use a thin and plastic object to remove the cover.

Question: For the AOC U34P2, Question : the actual image size of aoc cu32v3 is ( 31.5″ viewable ) or 27.9″ ?

Answer: The ad says the 32” and 31.5” viewable. The 42” must be a different product.

Question: In relation to the AOC U34P2, How many frames per second can i get with this?

Answer: I was playing a game on my 2k laptop and it was running at 30 fps. However, I was able to get 60 fps on my 1080p laptop. This was very bad because it made the game feel choppy.

Question: For AOC U34P2, Is this the q32v3s with the ips panel or the q32v3 with the va panel? the listing is confusing.

Answer: This is the V3S with the IPS display.

Question: In relation to the AOC U34P2, Is anyone experiencing 30 hrtz?

Answer: No

Question: For AOC U34P2, What kind of cross-hairs does this have?

Answer: This is a cheap 43-inch monitor that is not intended for gaming.

Question: Concerning the AOC U34P2, Will this work with an imac 2020 as a second display? and if it does would i need an adapter?

Answer: This adapter will work with an iMac. You can use a displayport cable or an HDMI cable.

Question: In relation to the AOC U34P2, What are the dimensions for the 27′ monitor’s stand?

Answer: I did not buy a curved monitor. My monitor is flat. The monitor snapped into the stand. There are no screws. There are no screw holes. Sorry I could not tell you more.

Question: For AOC U34P2, Does it come with a screw to connect the stand and base together. I can’t seem to find a way to connect them without a screw which is missing?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Concerning the AOC U34P2, Does this monitor supports Pbp/pip?

Answer: It’s integrated/internal

Question: Regarding AOC U34P2, Is the power adapter/brick internal or external? Thanks!

Answer: it’s pretty fast

Question: For AOC U34P2, Is 5ms is slow or fast

Answer: It’s possible that your cable has a higher specification that the one that came with your device, and if the issue persists with a higher specification cable, it might be worth investing in a new one.

Question: For AOC U34P2, My computer recognizes 4k @ 60hz but sticks it to 8bit. When lowering to 30hz, it shows the 10bit option. Cable problem?

Answer: My display is super sharp and there is no issue.

Question: For the AOC U34P2, Can you set this monitor vertically?

Answer: Yes. The monitor can be used vertically. I just tried it.

Question: For the AOC U34P2, Can I connect a Blu-Ray player to this?

Answer: I use this monitor to view pictures and videos, but it has two HDMI ports so you can also plug in a BluRay player for sound. You would have to have external speakers to use this monitor as it only has an audio output port.

Question: For AOC U34P2, Why does the screen keeping going black? I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the driver, I’ve changed the cable, I’ve lowered the refresh rate?

Answer: I’m not sure. My computer’s monitor never goes black. I’m using the Linux operating system, so I can’t speak to the quality of the driver on Windows or the Mac.

Question: Concerning the AOC U34P2, i ordered two duplicate monitors by mistake, can you please help to cancel one of the items?

Answer: No.

Question: Regarding AOC U34P2, Is this monitor matte screen (anti-glare/non-reflective)?

Answer: I don’t see this monitor being advertised as “anti-glare” but I have a bright window behind me and it hasn’t impacted my viewing.

Question: For the AOC U34P2, Just got it today. Found out i didn’t get the righ power cord. What’s the correct one to get?

Answer: In the United States, a standard three-prong 110 volt computer plug is used.

Question: In relation to the AOC U34P2, What extra cables/adapters do i need to make it work with a 2014 mac mini? saw conflicting asnwers on previous qs. &what about audio with mac mini?

Answer: Please check the video connectivity of your particular Mac Mini but it should have an HDMI output which you can connect directly to the monitor and it should work. HDMI carries audio but the U2790VQ doesn’t have built in speakers.

Question: Regarding AOC U34P2, How can i make the hertz to 60hz? now the screen is giving me 29hz. my laptop is microsoft surface laptop 3 with windows 10

Answer: Thanks for posting a question. Please to go Display Settings. Right click on the Desktop and select Display Settings > Advanced Display Settings > Display adapter properties > Adapter > List All Modes. Do you see option for 3840 x 2160, 60Hz here?

Question: Concerning the AOC U34P2, Amazon shows that this product was first available 2012/12/18. Is it really older design?

Answer: Questions are a great way to get feedback and learn. They were first introduced in 2018.


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